Plaque and Mouth Breathing

Mouth breathing? Sleep Apnea? Increased risk of plaque buildup? One of the reasons patients are at high risk of plaque build is due to their breathing. The way breath can tell us a lot about other things going on in the body. Mouth breathers may be at risk for sleep apnea, narrow airway, etc. If you or a loved one show signs of mouth breathing, know that they are likely at risk of plaque buildup. Because of this, we highly encourage patients to increase their oral hygiene as well as to go to see their dentist for professional cleanings. This is a case of a patient who exhibits mouth breathing. As you can see, there is a lot of plaque. This plaque can lead to inflammation which may allow for bone loss to occur in the future. After our proper professional cleaning, the patient’s gums healed properly. We are maintaining the patient with regular professional cleanings to combat the effects of mouth breathing. Also, if you exhibit mouth breathing, we recommend seeing an airway specialist to determine other effects of mouth breathing.

Other possible symptoms of mouth breathing:

  • Increased proclination of front teeth
  • Increased plaque build up
  • Sleep apnea

Remember that your professional cleanings will be properly done by your general dentist or hygienist. A professional cleaning consists of using instruments that will remove any plaque from difficult-to-reach areas.


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